Entrepreneurs!  When starting a business, you may experience many setbacks.  But don’t let those setbacks pile up to eventually become failures that beat you down enough to want to give up.

Reaching success does not guarantee you will not fail along the way.  It means that you persevered through the storm(s) to get to the other side with hopefully some lessons learned and great character built along the way.

There are things you can do to help ease the pain of setbacks while achieving success with your business. They include:

  1. Know your core values.  To help you sustain your sense of self worth know what your core values are. You must approach your business with believing and working with core values that you firmly believe in and live by.  This will allow you to stay true to yourself, and stay centered and focused on the mission of your company.
  2. Know and address your personal weaknesses.  You should always be aware of your weaknesses so they won’t creep up and become a risk factor.  You may also want to look to hire those with strengths that compliment your weaknesses. Hiring the right people can move your company a long way.
  3. Believe and have confidence in yourself, and address your fears.  Build your self-esteem and believe that confronting setbacks is a part of the journey.  Believe that you can get through anything to make your passion come to fruition.  Figure out what is working and what is not and make changes where necessary to keep things moving and your success eminent.
  4. View yourself as a success no matter what happens.  Seeing yourself as a failure at any point during your journey is already dooming you to fail.  Why even embark on starting your own business with any self doubts.  If you have the passion for your product or service, YOU are almost certain to succeed.  That’s half the battle.  Do not carry one negative thought of failing to do something you love so much and know that you will better the lives of your customers/clients.  Believe that every step you take is a success toward fulfilling your passion as a success.  Yes, you will confront setbacks along the way.  That is a given.  That is reality.  No one hits success unscathed.  But viewing yourself as a success no matter what happens will allow you to stay strong when you confront a set back, analyze your situation, make changes where necessary, and keep on moving toward living your passion.
  5. Have a great support system with your team at work and with your family. Don’t isolate yourself and carry the whole burden of any setback on your shoulders. Having a great support system will help you get through it and not allow you to get too down on yourself and the success you are achieving.
  6. Have interests outside work.  It is extremely important to find time to immerse yourself into something else besides work.  It will allow you to set your mind free and creativity will emerge.  It also allows you to refresh and realign yourself back to a healthy place to face work again when you return.
  7. Work with the end result in mind.  Always focus on where are going, not on where you are now.    Start with the end in mind.  Create raving fan customers, not just satisfied customers.  Raving customers are loyal and will stick around when you mess up because you have consistently added value to them in a way no one else has. Focusing on this will allow you to keep moving and not be debilitated by how you will find the money to pay this bill and that bill, but maintain focus on recruiting new customers and satisfying your current ones.

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