Rascon CPA Houston, TX The Woodlands, TXOne of the key factors to the downfall of new businesses is accurate bookkeeping and the Entrepreneur not knowing their numbers!  Don’t fall into this mess.

Whether you have an existing business or are just starting out, we are very excited to help you achieve your goals that will help make your business a success!  By outsourcing your bookkeeping to us, we will keep track of your books, your aging accounts receivables, and sit with you every month to explain the numbers.  This will allow you to spend more time growing your business by concentrating on increasing sales, expanding into new markets and do all of the things you do best.

We can set up your books at your business site, or we can work on them remotely from our office. We can even train and oversee your employees on a short-term or a continuing basis.



Bookkeeping Services We Provide

  • Build and Maintain Chart of Accounts

When you hire us to maintain your books, we will work to learn all about your business and outline how your business will work so that we can accurately build a chart of accounts that will reflect the revenue and expenses associated with your business.

  • Manage Accounts Payable (A/P) and Accounts Receivable (A/R)

Payables can get miscoded on a daily basis and Aging Receivables means no cash is coming through the door. To avoid these problem when cash flow is extremely important, allow us to handle all your AP and AR needs, by entering all payables and receivables into your accounting software and sending out monthly statements to delinquent customers.

  • Bank Reconciliations

We will reconcile all your bank, credit card, and line of credit accounts on a monthly basis, and if the circumstances merit, on a weekly basis. Reconciling Rascon CPA Houston, TX The Woodlands, TXyour accounts is a great way to add a second set of eyes to your business transactions and increase the chances of catching bank errors, unexpected bank fees, unauthorized charges to a debit card, and items you may have forgotten to record in your checkbook or debit register.

  • Maintain General Ledger

The general ledger reflects a permanent summary of all your supporting journals, such as the sales and cash receipts journal and the cash disbursements journal. Closing your books and maintaining your general ledger should be one of your top priorities to maintain good bookkeeping practices

We offer initial free consultation.  Give us a call at (832) 482-4611, or send us an email, and let us help make your business a success!