Looking for expert advice to expand your business or operations to a new area or country or seeking help for its’ smooth running? If yes, we can help you manage your small business well and plan its expansion. We, at The Rascon CPA firm, specialize in business consulting and financial planning services for small businesses and individuals in the Woodlands & Houston TX areas.

Our expert team can handle all aspects of financial planning including helping you make purchase decisions, expand your operations into a new area, understand and deal with the tax implications, reducing the tax burden, and ensuring proper accounting of all transactions.

Advising You on the Path to Growth and Expansion

The business consulting experts at our Texas Accountant firm will not only guide you on your path to expansion and growth but also help analyze the pros and cons of the various options. We also help you check the viability of each option in terms of its impact on your financials and ways to meet the additional costs and liabilities involved.

We Aim To:

  • Guide you on your expansion and growth path
  • Help you finalize the best business structure for your operations
  • Help you boost your profits by eliminating unnecessary costs
  • Proper accounting of all expenses and revenues to ensure a good cash flow at all times
  • Correct calculation of tax liabilities and timely filings
  • Find ways or develop a strategy to reduce your tax liability
  • Establish good internal controls and carry out corrective measures
  • Prepare detailed financial reports to help you keep a check on your business’s financial health.
  • Simplify accounting procedures to allow you to remain organized and carry out internal checks.
  • Guide you for mergers and acquisitions

Financial Planning and Tax Services

The Rascon CPA firm is known for its wide range of financial planning and consulting services which not only include the normal CPA duties but also strategic business planning and development of marketing strategies.

  • Our small business accounting firm services include help with bookkeeping and quick keeping, cash flow analysis, budgeting and forecast preparation, comparison with actuals, and analysis of the discrepancies.
  • Our aim is to help you convert your ideas into productive reality through development of strategies and their implementation.
  • Guiding you on your expansion plans, mergers and acquisitions, dispositions, and other options through business evaluation and a review of their impact on your existing operations and finances.
  • Helping you understand the various applicable tax laws- both domestic and internationally, calculating the tax liability correctly and its timely payment.
  • Known for our tax advisory and preparation services in Houston & the Woodland TX, our CPA firm also guides you in the reduction of your business’ tax liability in various ways.

What sets us apart from the other service providers in the Houston area is that we develop customised solutions keeping in mind the nature and size of your business. Our experts are well versed with the applicable tax and other laws and can help you with the best solutions for managing and expanding your business well.