Whether you are just starting your business, or already running a successful company and ready to expand, The Rascon CPA Firm offers a variety of business consulting programs that will help fast-forward your growth and your bottom line. With our “Think & Act Big” approach to business, the path to reaching your goals becomes much more direct, and happens in a fraction of the time that it would take you to accomplish it on your own. We at The Rascon CPA Firm recognize the value of owning a business. We know the strategies and mindset it takes to monetize your passions, and reap the rewards from taking control of your destiny!

As part of our consulting services, we will not only perform normal CPA duties such as cash flow analysis, and budget/forecast preparation and analysis to actual results, we will also help build a strategic business plan that will include a marketing strategy to help you move forward in making decisions that will enable your company grow faster than you originally thought.

rascon-cpa-firm-entrepreneurs2Creativity is one of the great gifts bestowed upon us. While the rest of physical matter is busy bustling about in a vacuum, humans have the unique ability to shape the world around them.  In the business world, it is the act of creatively shaping or developing an idea, product, or service that makes you successful and your customers devoted. It’s also the fun part. Having an idea and seeing it come to life!

We at The Rascon CPA Firm are passionate about being a part of this process and want to see your dream come to fruition!

Call us today to make that happen at (832) 482-4611!