As an Entrepreneur having a hectic schedule with a lot on your plate is the everyday norm. Now with the heavy use of technology there are apps available to help keep you and your books organized so that you can stay on top of your numbers while you go and be comfortable to make important decisions while you work. And if that wasn’t good enough, keeping your books organized will also streamline the process to file your individual and business tax returns when the time comes.

Here are eight bookkeeping and tax apps to download to your iPhone or Android that will keep you organized on the go.

  1. Shoeboxed – This is a great app to keep your receipts in order and categorized and track your mileage expenses. If you are still using a shoe box to manage all your receipts, once you download this app, you will forever say good-bye to that shoe box. Simply take a picture of your receipt and the app will determine the date, amount, type of payment, and categorize it! The receipt will be saved as a digitized copy accepted by the IRS.

You will be able to export your expenses to one of the popular financial applications currently used today such as QuickBooks, Quicken, and Excel. This app can also generate and email your      expense reports! This app is free for download for iPhone users.

 2.  Slice – This is a neat application that will sync to your email and pull information from your e-receipts and organize them all in one place! How neat is that? Thus, Slice will help you find    deductions and receipts that you forgot about such as, office supply expenses, business meal expenses, and travel expenses.

You can export the list to a .CSV file, convert it to an excel file, and review the expenses for tax time. This app is free to download and available for iPhone and Androids.

3. MileageLog+ – This is a great app that was designed for “IRS compliance” to use to track your mileage quick and easy. If you have employees that travel for your business, this would be a good app for them to use. It will also help predict your future travel behavior based on your past travel behavior to help make the input much more efficient. The app can export mileage reports into Excel and be sent via email and even be marked as paid or unpaid for reimbursement.

MileageLog+ is available for $9.99 for the iPhone.  An alternative to this app is MileBug, a GPS mileage tracker. It allows you to track trips by Business, Destination, and Purpose. This app is also available for $2.99 for iPhone, Android, and Windows applications.

4. Gas Cubby – This is the sister application to Trip Cubby to help keep track of your gas and car maintenance expenses. Any expenses related to your car this app will track and even remind you when your car is in need of maintenance.

Gas Cubby can keep records for more than one vehicle and export your records to Excel. It is available for iPhone at $2.99.

5. TurboTax SnapTax – If you have a fairly simple tax return this app is for you! It will allow you to file your tax return in 10 minutes.

SnapTax is for individuals who only have W2, interest, and/or unemployment income, don’t own a home, and earned under $100k or $120k for single and married filers, respectively. This app is available for free. However, charges will apply to e-file your tax returns.

6. TaxCaster by Turbo Tax – If you have ever wondered how to estimate your tax liability or refund, this app is for you! It will help you forecasts your tax information so there are no surprises when it’s time to file your tax return. TaxCaster is quick and easy to use to help you estimate your tax amount due or refund so you will know how much to adjust.

7. IRS2Go – This app allows you to connect with the Internal Revenue Service via your smart phone to check on the status of your tax refund, or request a copy of your tax return. It even offers daily tax tips! This app is free for iPhone and Android users.

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