As a business grows, so does the need for sound financial operations. Let the Rascon CPA Firm help you expand into international markets in the most tax efficient way with international tax services you can trust. Outsource the burden of bookkeeping tasks and payroll. Or help business minimize risk with internal control review. Learn more about our services


Own your own business and need help getting it off the ground? Need advice on business structure and tax planning? Maybe you have reached the point where you can't do it all yourself. We strive to help our entrepreneur clients take their business to the next level with a financial plan that makes strategic sense for your business. Learn how we can help


Tax planning can be overwhelming, from understanding eligible deductions to navigating the ever-changing tax codes that apply to your situation. We all share the same desire of having the lowest possible tax burden. Our team can help you lower your cash paid taxes, invest in your future, and make informed decisions. Learn more about tax planning

Helping Businesses Become Financially Sound and Succeed

Sound financial operations are important for the success of any business. At Rascon CPA Firm, we help achieve just that. Our focus is to help businesses as well as individuals maintain their accounts efficiently, calculate payroll and taxes in accordance with the applicable laws and develop growth strategies. We also help businesses adhere to the international tax laws and accounting rules while expanding overseas. Our firm is known for its expert business consulting & financial planning services in Houston TX.

Wide Range of Services on Offer

Recognized as one of best accounting firms in Houston and the Woodlands, Rascon CPA also offers consulting services to entrepreneurs planning to expand their operations. We guide them through the process of establishing strategies and implementing them to achieve the set financial and other goals.

Our services include: Regular CPA Duties

These include book keeping and QuickBooks services, cash flow analysis, budgeting and forecasting, analysis of actual performance

Business Consulting

Our experts guide businesses in their quest for expansion into overseas markets by helping them gauge the tax and other implications of such moves. Our firm also helps businesses evaluate the financial implications of expansion, takeover, dissolution and other moves that they may be planning as part of their growth strategy.

Tax Planning

Our CPA firm helps businesses manage their operations in such a way that they can minimize the tax burden. Known for its professional tax services in Houston, Rascon CPA firm not only advises you on all tax related matters but also ensures that you adhere to the laws applicable in Houston & the Woodlands. Our Tax Accountants ensure that you pay the lowest possible taxes, plan for your retirement, and make informed decisions while keeping in mind the changes in various tax laws.

Our Experts Help In the Following Ways:

  • Calculation of exemptions
  • Deferment of Income
  • Impact of changes in accounting methodology
  • Implementation of investment strategies
  • Minimization of taxes through business restructuring
  • Maximization of tax credits
  • Taxation impact of acquisitions, dispositions, liquidations and dissolution.

Get in touch with us for the best tax advisory & tax preparation services in the Houston & The Woodlands.