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Which Corporate Structure Will Work Best for You?

One of the most crucial decisions you will have to make as a business owner when setting up a new business, or reorganizing an existing one, is what structure to use. The choices range from a simple sole proprietorship, to an S Corp flow-through, to a C…

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Focus on Changing Lives

Many entrepreneurs start a business because they have a great idea about a product or want to provide a service they are skilled in. Although skill and an impressive product are important to having a successful business, it is central for long-term success not to get lost…

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It’s About the Process

When Entrepreneurs finally decide to live their dream and start their own business, it is understandable their financial goals are at the top of the list. Two of the top five reasons small businesses fail include poor accounting and cash flow management. However, according to the New…

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USHCC 2015 National Convention in Houston, TX

Melissa Rascon attended the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Convention, the largest gathering of Hispanic Business Leaders in the country with nearly 6,000 attendees, held at the Hyatt Americas hotel in downtown Houston, TX. The annual convention is a premier event for America’s small business community, convening…

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Tips on How to Handle Setbacks

Entrepreneurs!  When starting a business, you may experience many setbacks.  But don’t let those setbacks pile up to eventually become failures that beat you down enough to want to give up. Reaching success does not guarantee you will not fail along the way.  It means that you…

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The Entrepreneur’s Corner – Be Your Own PR Firm

As an Entrepreneur one of our primary concerns is to keep costs down and increase revenue.  But to increase revenue does NOT mean we have to put all of our money into marketing our firm and hiring the best PR firm out there.  Mark Cuban sums it…

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The Entrepreneur’s Corner – 5 Things that Happy People Often Do

Being happy is behind every single human goal, objective, mission and wish to achieve that “something.” It has never truly been defined concisely, but everyone seems to aim for it. The achievement of happiness, the quest for happiness, the search for happiness. The U.S. Declaration of Independence…

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The Entrepreneur’s Corner – How to Network Effectively

Making the right connections and maintaining relationships is one of the key factors to success for Entrepreneurs. By effectively building a your professional network of colleagues, business associates, clients, potential clients, vendors, etc., you are ensuring that whenever you need a new client, a new job, to further develop…

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The Entrepreneur’s Corner – Taking You and Your Business to a New Level in 2014

The energy is in the air….2014 is the year of prosperity for Entrepreneurs!   If you have a business or have been thinking about starting your own business this is the year to make it happen.  Don’t wait one minute longer!! Take the next step and make the change…

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3 Things to Monitor in 2014 for your Tax Planning

As we begin the New Year, there are three priority areas that are critical to monitor and keep abreast of: The Affordable Care Act; the Defense of Marriage Act; and IRS activity. While these are areas of interest that many businesses are already familiar with, 2014 is…

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