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Focus on Changing Lives

Many entrepreneurs start a business because they have a great idea about a product or want to provide a service they are skilled in. Although skill and an impressive product are important to having a successful business, it is central for long-term success not to get lost…

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Internal Controls for Small Businesses

As business owners we are all too familiar with the hard work that it takes to run a successful business, and all the intricacies that are involved to make that happen. While we are on our journey to achieving great success and materializing our brand we are…

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Poor Planning Can Sink Your Business

Forecasting is essential for your business and should not only be used to get you through the tough times.  It is part of your business lifestyle.  Therefore, you should always be forecasting – thinking about what will happen, assessing the likelihood of it happening, and what actually…

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Hiring an Independent Contractor vs. Employee (1099 vs. W2)

Whether to hire an independent contractor or an employee is a commonly asked question by Entrepreneurs. There are many costs and benefits with either side, so the decision must be aligned with your Company’s goals. Hiring a contract worker can help your company reduce its payroll obligations,…

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